I sketch from birth; in the '80s I was all about comic strips and caricatures. My first encounter with tattoos as a client happens in 1991. I would decorate on glass on commission till 1999, then I finally bought my first tattoo machine and feeder and began to “scribble” myself. In 2006 I started to work between Rimini and San Marino and after 5 years I opened the 'Inkonshow' tattoo studio. In 2015, after more than ten years of experience I took a specialization in Realistic Black&Grey and Chicano styles, as well as courses of artistic sketches and paintings. Due to my experience, I am currently able to interpret all the styles of modern and traditional tattoo, creating personal quality artworks: Japanese, New School, Chicano, Black&Grey and Color Realism are my things. My special feature is Freehand: I love drawing directly on the skin and then performing the tattoo, balancing the artwork with the characteristics of the human canvas.


Avantgarde, Watercolor and Lettering are my favourite styles: abstract crawls, numbers, graphic and bi-tone realism reflect my way of being, never forgetting the brushed color of the Watercolor Style all spiced up with strangest and elaborate letters.” Paky Spacco, Milan-born but Riminese of adoption, proposes an alternative and extravagant way to create extroverted tattoos starting from plain and simple signs. Ask him for an “infinite” and you’ll come out with an incredible tattoo on your skin! Ask for an opinion or a suggestion and let him do his thing, he will dazzle you with one of his extravagant “inventions”!


Since I was a child I have been fascinated by drawing; I attended the Art Institute where I moved my first steps towards the decoration and the airbrush which, despite their versatility, still lack the solidity I’m looking for. I made my first tattoo and it was love at first sight. The solidity of the colors and the steadiness of the contours of the Traditional and Old School styles supersedes the artistic void left by the first experiences. That’s what I love: straight and safe lines, important and scratched nuances, contrasts that can be either soft or hazardous. I'll wait for you with my Traditional Style to realize a tattoo that will last you all your life.

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